Date: 29-Dec-2023
Start Time: 18:30
Hare: Roger Me
Cohare: Mijou Slut
Station: MRT Bang Wa
Meeting Point: 7-11 at President Condo

Take the Blue Line MRT to Bang Wa station. 

Walk towards the BTS station of the same name and leave by exit-4. Shit, it's exit #5.  F*%k it, look for the sign that says Bang Wa Pier. That should take you to an overhead walkaway under the highway towards the khlong and then go down the stairs just before reaching the khlong. After that, then follow your intuition or the Google Maps link above.

Meeting point is the 7-11 at the President Condo. Buy you drinks there. It'll be a B -> A run and we'll first take the MRT further out to Phetkasem 48 and then run back.

This will be a trail which includes virgin bits. A torch or a flashlight will be essential. You will not want to miss it !!!!

[Hint: it is possible to get to Bang Wa by both the BTS and MRT lines. The directions above assume coming by MRT. ]

 Bring a torch !  

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