Date: 19-Nov-2021
Start Time: 18:30
Hare: Mongolian Crutch
Station: MRT Charan 13
A-Site: Versailles Restaurant


Don't miss this epic event on Friday when the Moon really will be Full to celebrate the special occassion of our 200th run and GM Mongolian Crotch "Woody"'s first and last run as GM. 

Free Give-away to members, new committee announced.




Meet at the parking lot just next to and behind the Versailles Restaurant on Charan Santiwong.

Take the MRT to Charan 13 station.

This will take about 35 minutes from Asoke if you go to Tha Phra station where you switch trains and go one stop to Charan 13. At Tha Phra station you simply go up one level, get on the train and go one stop.

Get off at "Charan 13" station. Exit #1, walk down the stairs, buy your beers, drinks, snacks at the 7-11 return to the stairs but continue on for 200 meters to the restaurant.

On On !!!


DO NOT FORGET to bring a flashlight / torch as it will be extremely dark in places!


For those who are from out-of-town...

Note that there are two ways to get to Tha Phra using the MRT line. If you just follow the signs at Asok, you'll probably end up taking the "Long Way".

But if you do take the long way, you wont need to change trains to get to Charan-13.


The Short Way (via Hua Lamphong)

To get to Charan-13, change trains at Tha Phra and go one station. 


The Long Way (via Bang Sue)

To get to Charan-13, just get off one stop before Tha Phra, and you're already there.