Fullmoon Hash Run Statistics

The list below is a tabulation of most of the run data since run #106 on 13-June-2013. 

If you started running with the BFMH3 before run #106 (which include the web-nerd), then your statistics shown here will not be complete.

There are 8 missing runs during this period (from runs 113 and 139->145).

The run sheets for runs 171-182 (the 2018-19 season) were lost, and the data for this period has been derived by looking through the Facebook photo albums's. 

The two columns after the hash name show the individual run and hare counts that have accumulated since the last AGM run (Run #192). The next 2 columns are the total run and hare count.



Run Summary from last few runs

The complete list of runners from each of the last several runs can be found in the list following. If you notice any missing runs or are a visitor and your name is mis-spelt, then let me know and I can fix (Snakebite).

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