Bangkok Leap Day Hash House Harriers

Founded in 29-Feb-2024.

Only 0 days until the next Leap Day Hash

The Bangkok Leap Day Hash House Harriers is a quadrennial Hash that only runs on February 29th.

It is a city run, and generally will be within walking distance of an MRT or BTS station. The A-site will be located close to a 7-11 or equivalent, where you can purchase all the beverages you need, before and after the run. All are welcome!

The highest honor of BLDH3 is the Leap Meister. The honor of Leap Meister is awarded by the presiding committee. It is the responsibility of the Leap Meister to recite the ceremonial toast during the hash in the ceremonial garb. 

Upcoming Runs

Run #2: 29-Feb-2028 (Tuesday)
Run #3: 29-Feb-2032 (Sunday)
Run #4: 29-Feb-2036 (Friday)

Run Report & Photos from Run #1 on 29-Feb-2024

On the 29th day of February 2024, the Bangkok Thursday Hash was invaded by a new kennel. This was a joint run with BTH3 (Run #434) and the Inaugural run for the Bangkok Leap Day Hash House Harriers. The lucky attendees of this run, be decree of the GM, accrued run counts for both the BTH3 and BLDH3.

The in-augural T-shirt, generously sponsored by the hare, has already become a much sought after collectors item in the hashing world.

As is tradition, the circle beers were Leap Beer (LEOp Beer). Pussy Virus was elected as the Leap Meister.

The In-augural run committee:
(press-ganged at the runsite.)

GM - Tokoroten 
JM - Turd Burglar
RA - Nigerian
Hare Razor - Auntie’s Bitch
Onsec - Adidas
Hash Cash - Prickly Bird
Hash Flash - Patpom
Haberdash - Always Cums Last 
Web Nerd - Snakebite
Cultural Attaché - Pussy Virus


Hash Cash/Haberdash Report

Current financial status: Zero baht.
Haberdash on hand: None.


Who came to the In-Augural Leap Day Hash?

Date: 29-Feb-2024
Location: BTS Bearing
Hare: Tokoroten
Hashers: Adidas, Always Cums Last, Ambrose, Arakie, Auntie's Bitch, Boobalube, Bouncy, Chicken Licker, Dripper, Drunkin Donut, Hand Cream, Little Spermaid, Lucky Me, Mia-noi, Nigerian, PMS, Patpom, Prickly Bird, Pussy Virus, Retard, Rock The Lobster, Sexy Lashes, Shadow Max, Slime, Slippery When Wet, Snakebite, Tokoroten, Tom Yum Kung, Turd Burglar 

All attendees have automatically become members of the BLDH3 !

The Bangkok Leap Day Hash House Harriers was founded by Tim ‘Tokoroten’, Tladi ‘The Nigerian’ and Georgia ‘Always Cums Last’.