Hare: Horny Viking
Date: 26-Jul-2020
Time: 16:30 (4:30 pm sharp)
Location: Somewhere in Samut Prakan
Coords: 13.539500 N, 100.688694 E
Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Mq25JfojGBXX4vw37

Easy access by car as well as from BTS Kheha, where it is a short taxi ride of 10 min or so.


Mis-directions by car or taxi
Head out of Bangkok on the lower level of the Bang Na Trat Highway towards the airport.

Just after you pass King Kaeo Road (3256), look for a U-turn bridge. Take this U-turn and get onto the frontage road as you come down. Then make a left turn into the other side of 3256.

Follow 3256 for 11 km and make another U-turn.

The run site is down a small Soi, that is about 50 metres after the U-turn.

Alternative directions by car
Head down Sukhumvit Road. Drive past BTS Kheha, continue on past Ancient City, then continue on past Bang Pu Recreation Centre. Then start looking for a left turn into 3256. The run site is 2.7 km further on.

Go to BTS Kheha. Then same as "Alternative directions by Car" above.