Hare: Bushman
Date: 28-Jun-2020
Time: 16:30 (4:30 pm sharp)
Location: Wat Suk Chai
Coords: 13°52'12.94"N 100°46'26.76"E
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/oCFVWANzwrUYG1Sa9

The ‘After-CORONA-Lockdown Run’

1). Take Rama 9 Road or Rama 9 Expressway out of town towards the airport (Chonburi Motorway).
2). Get onto the Outer ring road Expressway No 9 to north
3). Exit Raminthra
4). Do not turn left onto Ram Inthra Road driving west but stay in the right right lane and take the bridge over Ram Inthra Rd
5). The road bends to right and takes you underneath Expressway (No.9) - turn right (going opposite to the Direction you came from on the expressway) and then turn left onto Ram Inthra Road EAST
6). On Ram Inhtra Road 304 at ‘Fashion Island’ (on your left) Zero odometer and drive East:
7). At 5.1km: go left and follow sign to Chachongsau
8). At 6.0km Bridge over the Khlong (‘Tesco’ on your right)
9). At 8.0km after PTT turn left into Thanon Nimit Mai => follow for 5km, pass ‘Pruksa Villa’, Honda, pass Soi 21 and see U Turn sign.
10). At 12.3km do U turn and immediately turn left into Thanon Wat Suk Chai => follow this road (over Khlong bridge) till after 5km you come to a sharp 90 degree corner.
11). At 17.7km cross Klong Bridge and enter the big parking lot in front of Wat Suk Chai.
12). Park somewhere!

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