Date: 28-March-2021
Start Time: 16:30
Hare: Horny Viking
A-Site: Just past Ancient City



  • From BTS Kheha continue direction out of town for 3.7km past Ancient City
  • Turn left into Soi 65 (Thaoist temple entrance)
  • After 350m turn left (stay on Soi 65)
  • Immediately after left turn, turn right into a dirt road, follow the dirt road past the fishing ponds towards the run site.
  • Parking available at the end of the dirt road.

A run which will have it all:

  • Soft surface trail running
  • Soft surface off trail running
  • Wooden Klong bridge crossings
  • Bird watching opportunities galore
  • Fresh air
  • Opportunity for fishing before the run
  • Run followed by a Gala dinner on-site BBQ shrimp and traditional Thai delicacies.
  • Kid friendly,
  • Dog friendly,
  • Walker friendly
  • Short cut options, for the astute SCB’s
  • Not to mention a good opportunity for the runners to stretch their legs


Suggestion from the hare: Bring your fishing rod. Get there early. Catch some fish. And have a fish BBQ after the run.


Picture 1: Turning point into soi 65

Picture 2: Sign for Thaoist temple

Picture 3: Entrance to dirt road leading the way to the run-site