Date: 25-April-2021
Start Time: 16:30
Hare: Boobalube
Cohare: Tinker
A-Site: Piyawan Resort, Bang Sai, Ayuthaya
Googlemaps: as per hares links below.


This is the location for the restaurant where we normally go. Do not go all the way up there.

This is the beer truck circle location, There will be an HHH sign to turn you down a dirt road before you reach the restaurant car park where we will park the piss truck.


By Car/Taxi

Take the 2nd stage expressway north past Chaeng Wattana to the last exit called Western Bangkok Outer Ring Road,

At the toll gate zero your odometer and follow the sign to BANG SAI and turn left,

At 3.1 km turn left again onto highway 3309,

At 4.6 km turn right into the entrance (3 tall Salas) of Piyawan Garden House. Follow the track all the way to the river and park as indicated above.

Added instructions. This will be pretty much an all dirt trail with short and long options (which I normally don't do but have relented). The long option takes you around a beautiful lake while allowing the walkers to catch up. Fast walkers can certainly do the long trail if they desire. The entire trail is eminently walkable.

The restaurant is closed but we have permission to park where I showed and to do our run and circle. Please bring a mug for your drinks. Although nobody will be around we want to maintain social distance for our run and circle.

On on will consist of on site BBQ provided by the hash piss. A cup will be put out for donations for the BBQ voluntary, the hare will sponsor any deficit. Beers after the circle may be purchased from the hash piss.

Driving time from Asoke is less than one hour with traffic conditions right now so it is not a long way. This is roughly the same area I used for my birthday run with Tom Yum Gung. Come up and enjoy a relaxed Sunday stroll!