Date: 24-Apr-2022
Start Time: 16:30
Hare: Bushman
Location: Wat Suk Chai
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  • Take Rama 9 Road or Rama 9 Expressway out of town towards the airport (Chonburi Motorway).
  • Get onto the Outer ring road Expressway No 9 to north
  • Exit Raminthra
  • Do not turn left onto Ram Inthra Road driving west but stay in the right right lane and take the bridge over Ram Inthra Rd
  • The road bends to right and takes you underneath Expressway (No.9) - turn right (going opposite to the Direction you came from on the expressway) and then turn left onto Ram Inthra Road EAST
  • On Ram Inhtra Road 304 at ‘Fashion Island’ (on your left) Zero odometer and drive East:
  • 5.1km: go left and follow sign to Chachongsau
  • 6.0km Bridge over the Khlong (‘Tesco’ on your right)
  • 8.0km after PTT turn left into Thanon Nimit Mai => follow for 5km, pass ‘Pruksa Villa’, Honda, pass Soi 21 and see U Turn sign.
  • 12.3km do U turn and immediately turn left into Thanon Wat Suk Chai => follow this road (over Khlong bridge) till after
  • 5km you come to a sharp 90 degree corner.
  • 17.7km cross Klong Bridge and enter the big parking lot in front of Wat Suk Chai.
  • Park somewhere!

The ‘Piss Truck’ usually parks 30m before crossing the bridge on right hand corner.