Date: 12-June-2022
Start Time: 16:30
Hare:  Virgin Slayer
Location: Chon Buri Mountain
Googlemaps Link:

Head out of Bangkok on Highway-7 towards Pattaya. Zero your odometer as you pass the airport.

At about 65 km take the exit-9 off the highway towards Ban Bueng. 

Once you get on the road heading towards Ban Bueng, and after only about 400 metres, take the first U-Turn you see. Go back about 200 metres, then turn left into Settjekit Nongree 5. Follow this road for about 4 km, turn right, go about another 800 metres and you should find the run-site.

For the best directions, ignore all of the above, and click on the Google Maps link above and let Google take you there.