Date: 28-Aug-2022
Start Time: 16:30
Hare: Pork Finder
Location: Near Pra Tu Nam Bang Yang  Krathum Baen
Googlemaps Link:

Cross Chao Phraya River by Phra Pin Klao or Rama 8 Bridge and head out of town on the elevated Borommatchachonnani Road towards Nakhon Pathom until you see the overhead Green highway sign to Om Noi at Kilo marker 17.7.

Keep left and drive into the frontage road and turn left into Route 3414 (Phuttha Monthon Sai 5).

Drive 8.8 kms along the Route 3414 to the T-Junction. Turn left into Petch Kasam Road, Route No.4 and keep right drive 100 meter, and immediately turn right Route 3091 sign to Samut Sakhon, Krathum Baen.

Drive 6.8 Kms to T-junction and turn right to Route 3190. Drive for 550 meter and look for the Clock Tower on your right.

Zero your Odometer at the Clock Tower and bear left and drive 8.1 kms. Turn right at traffic light at Odometer 9.4. Turn left (HHH sign) at Odometer 9.8 park near hare Honda 6975 on the right hand side.

Hare Phone number: Tiradej 0819867351

[Ed: Depending on where you live, other routes may be possible. Refer to the Google Map link above for extra information]