Date: 24-Sept-2023
Start Time: 16:30
Hare: Drinks Like a Girl
Cohare: Anal Compulsion, Just Party
Restaurant: สโมสรโรงเรียนนายเรือ, Pak Nam, Samut Prakan 
Googlemaps Link:

Chomchon Restaurant 
The restaurant is located on a Thai Naval facility, a checkpoint is passed when entering off Sukhumvit, no ID was required

Closest BTS: Royal Thai Naval Academy.

Warning: Please beware that Google Navigation doesnt know about any of the roads inside the Naval facility.. so it will lead you astray if you use it inside.

Hint: Turn off Sukhumvit at the sign for the River Cafe (see photo below). The bigger blue sign actually says Chomchon Restaurant, but some of us cant read that. Tell the guard that you are going to the Chomchon Restaurant, and drive all the way down to the waterfront.