Join us Sunday for the final run of the outgoing “Acting” GM. 
Hares: Roger Me & Quick Draw (aka Carlton the Backdoor Man) 

Location: Connecting Road Between Phutta Monthon Sai 2 and Sai 3 

Date: 13-Dec-2020
Start: 4:30 pm sharp

Run start is from the same spot as the final SH3 run before the Covid lockdown in March. 

Parking spot next to daytime noodle restaurant 

Google Maps Link

Easiest way from Asoke is to get on the freeway out to the new “Grand BangSue Train Station” under construction and just past it veer left and take the new relatively unused tollway towards Kanchanaburi / Ratchapruek head west over the river all the way to the end. Turn left for 1.5 km following directions to Nakhon Pathom (#338) and do the clover leaf. After you come down to the main road, go 1km to Phutta Monthon Sai 2 and take a left. Proceed for 3km and then take a right onto the connecting road to Phutta Monthon Sai 3 (as per photo below). Go 1.4 km down this road and take a left into a small parking lot next to a day time noodle restaurant.
MRT and Taxi: 
Easy option if you would like to travel by taxi get in the Blue Line MRT and take it all the way to the end to Lak Song station get out and continue in direction you’ve arrived (40 minutes from Asoke). Find a taxi to take you to Phutta Monthon Sai 2, take a right turn and then follow link (should be no more than a 100 Baht taxi ride and is about 10km).

Post Run Restaurant
As the run start “restaurant” isn’t open evenings and the previous restaurant is permanently closed, we will be bashing at a new place on the way back home. From the run start/finish, go west 2km to Phutta Monthon Sai 3 and take a left turn, continue for one kilometer to the first stoplights and take another left onto Thanon Bang Waek and after 500 meters and just after a bend in the road, the restaurant is located on the left. As limited parking in the lot, some may need to park on the road.

Call Hare: 0847-035-900