Hare: Pussy Virus
Date: 11-Oct-2020
Where: Khao Khiao, Pong Dindam
Time: 15:30  .... (note the early start time)
Google Mapshttps://goo.gl/maps/r2QxWW5ZkmDoamsZ9
GPS coords: 13°11'29.1"N 101°02'47.6"E

This will be a trail run with lots of up and down in the beautiful hills of Khao Khiao.

To avoid losing people in the jungle in the dark, the run will start at 3:30 pm, one hour earlier than usual.

After the circle, there will be an on-site barbecue with lots of beer. Bring chairs (and umbrellas in case of rain).

Some quick directions, devised by the webmaster.
From Bangkok
Head out of Bangkok on Highway 7 in the direction of Pattaya, and zero your odometer as you go past the airport. At about 66km, take the Bang Saen exit to leave the Highway BUT stay on the frontage road (dont go to Bang Saen). Continue on the frontage road for a further 11.6 km, then turn left. After turning left, the runsite is about another 5.5 km. 
If you're lost after this, then look for some other hashers driving by, or learn to use Google Maps. 
From Pattaya (using the highway)
Head out of Pattaya on Highway-7 to the Laem Chabang turn-off, and then follow instructions from Google Maps. Google Maps offers several alternatives. The first alternative is to follow the frontage road alongside the highway for another 10.5 km before going over the highway, then a further 5.5 km the runsite. This route is known to be on sealed roads all the way. Another alternative route offered goes via the Tiger Zoo, and some of this may or may-not be on sealed road. 
It's the same location that has been used for several Bangkok Bush Hash runs.

If you feel the need to set a run or have the incredible urge to offer your services as a hare, don’t hesitate to give our hare raiser a shout: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.