Bangkok Thursday Hash was run for the first time on July 19, 2012. It attempts to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Runs will be in the city of Bangkok, start at 6:30pm to accommodate working people, and begin and end within 1km of either a BTS or MRT station. Runs in the city are on pavement, no complaints about the trail, you know up front what to expect.
  • Everyone is invited to participate, however, only if you attempt to run or walk the trail.
  • Buy/bring your own beverage. We don’t want to encourage people to ‘get their money’s worth’ of beer because they pay a run fee. Drink one, drink six, it’s up to the individual. Runs will end at a bar, restaurant or shop where beer can be purchased. Down down beer will be provided by the hash. But fitness is our focus.
  • Hares will attempt to make one-hour running / walking trails. Circle will start either 15 minutes after the last walker returns or at 20:00, whichever comes first. Circle will end at 20:30. Carry on if you wish, with whomever you wish, wherever you wish. But for working people, it’s possible to be home by 21:00, we know Friday is still a weekday.
  • Runs will be held weekly, except when there is a Bangkok Full Moon Hash on a Friday. We want to offer a weekly hash, with a later start time, in the same vein as the Full Moon Hash. We are not looking to compete, but complement. If there is demand in the future to run every week, this idea might change.
  • If you have ideas to make this hash more fun, healthy or interesting, please speak to the committee.


(Last Updated on July-2012)