Date: Thursday, 23-Jan-2020
Start Time: 18:30
Hares: Love Canal
Nearest station: Preak Sa BTS
A-Site:  near PraekSa Soi 30 

Map links below:
Firstly put a torch/flashlight into your hash bag.
Take the BTS south towards Kheha. Alight at PraekSa BTS station (Exit 1). Walk back 250m to Soi Praeksa. Cross the road and get a mocy  taxi – or if Terry walk - a further 600m to Soi 30 (pedestrian overpass) where there is the second 7-Eleven. Buy a bottle of water and a flashlight/torch.
Continue down Soi Praeksa a further 100m and turn left into an unnamed alley. Then turn right and walk another 50m where you find KC who will have arrived 1 hour earlier.  
Lati/Long = 13.584603 N 100.616413  E
As BTH3 runs in the dark you will need a flashlight/torch. Do not come if you don’t have one or plan to not to buy one at the 7-Eleven. Hare accepts no responsibility for those who choose not to use a light and end up in A&E with a sprained/broken ankle. <praemonitus, praemunitus> Forewarned is forearmed. Not to mention how an ambulance or a taxi will be able to get to you if you have a broken ankle on trail. 
Use klongs, alleys, and pathways to keep the run interesting”
“ Drop it in bushes and on the ground where there are no poles”