We need hare's for each of the following run dates. Please volunteer !

7 March, 14 March, 28 March  & 4 April. 

Date: Thursday, 02-Jan-2020
Start Time: 18:30
Hare: Sheep Shagger

Cohare: Auntie's Bitch
Nearest station: Saphan Kwai Exit-3
Take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Kwai station.
After exiting the train, walk around until you see signs pointing towards Exit-3. Go in the direction of the afore-mentioned sign, and leave the BTS by this exit. 
Walk down the stairs, and when you are at ground level, look for hash chalk marks on the ground.
Follow these chalk mark to the meeting place which will close by.
Bring a torch !
The observant ones may realize this is the same run site as last week... correct, but due to the low turn out last week, then most hashers wont even notice!