Thursday Hash Run Statistics

The list below is a tabulation of the all the run data since Run #1. This list includes all regular hashers in Bangkok, so it also includes non-members of the BTH3. The non-member names are in italics.

The data from 81 runs from Runs #122 to #225 is missing, so the data during this period has been interpolated by computing the running average for each hasher immediately before and after this gap, and adding the estimated number of runs to each hashers total after this gap.

The two columns after the hash name show the individual run and hare counts that have accumulated since the last AGM run. The next 2 columns are the total run and hare count. 


Run Summary from last few runs

The complete list of runners from each of the last several runs can be found in the list following. The run count for the current GM's year are included in the square brackets after each hasher.

No results.

Favourite BTS/MRT stations

Computed from Run# 1 to Run# 353 and from 287 records. There are 66 missing records during the Osama Gap.

 Stations with more than 3 runs

 Stations with 2 or 3 runs

 Stations with a single run

Re-visiting BTH3 Run #1, 19-July-2012

Run #1
Location: MRT Silom
Hare: Minnie Me

47 hashers (26 boys, 13 girls & 8 visitors)

4x2, Adorable Blue Balls, Ambrose, Anal Rape, Arsesome [visitor], Auntie Climax, Bimbo, Cherry [visitor], Chocolate Starfish, City Girl, Dripper, Drunkin Donut, ET, Fluffer, Forky [visitor], Hand Job [visitor], Hippity, Joylide, Jumpstart, Lina [visitor], Little Ballbreaker, McSwirly Face, Michaelangela, Minnie Me, Mother Mary, Naughty Nurse, Patpom, Peedam, Pencil Prick, Polish My Dick [visitor], Porkfinder, Pussy Virus, Running Bear, Shiny Helmet, Short Change, Short Time, Snakebite, Stick Licker, Sweet Sexteen, Sweetie, Tambourine Man, The Senator, U-Bastard, Vichai Cool, Whoremonger, [visitor], [visitor]